NAB 2016: NiSi demonstrate their incredible scratch-proof ND filter by taking a knife to it

At NAB NiSi gave Newsshooter.com technical editor Matt Allard a demo of their new scratch-proof filter coating. The Chinese filter company is already becoming well known for their range of highly colour accurate ND filters, which we previously tested.

To prove just how resistant the filter is to scratching they took an Xacto knife to it. The results we saw were astounding and although it’s in the prototype stage at the moment, when it’s ready for manufacturing it will be rolled out across the company’s entire range of filters. No word on when that will be but we’ll be sure to take a closer look when they are available.

For more on the NiSi filter range visit the NiSi website, or in the US you can check out the Ikan webstore.

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