NAB 2016: BrightCast show their new flexible LED lights with V-lock battery option

Newsletter’s Slavik Boyechko talks to Taris from BrightCast about their new Variable 15 flexible LED light. This comes in both a daylight and a bi-colour version. The lights are waterproof and have Velcro on the back, allowing you to easily attach it to a range of places. It can be powered by a BP-U or V-mount battery which attaches to the power panel, which is in turn attached to the rear of the light by Velcro. The power panel can be removed and placed away from the light if needed.

Another larger prototype light was also shown. It is made up of similar 1×1 panels that can also be joined together by Velcro in sets, with up to four powered from a single controller in a 2×2 or 1×4 configuration.

The Variable 15 lights are available now, recommended retail price in the US is $199 for the daylight version and $299 for the bi-colour version.

They are also available in the UK from MTF services.

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