NAB Live show 2016: VR in production panel discussion

VR has arrived at this year’s NAB and the tools to create content are developing apace: they are rapidly becoming more refined, more usable and easier to get the most out of. To discuss the repercussions of all this, site editor Dan Chung is joined in the Teradek booth by several guests who have been experimenting on the cutting edge of making films using VR technology.

The future of cinema? The VR pavilion at NAB

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On the couch are: Topher Delancey from Teradek who’s been looking at live VR applications, Dave Newman from GoPro, Jason Diamond shows off his VR rig, Emerging technology specialist Celine Tricart and revered DoP Bruce Logan. There’s also a pre-recorded interview with cinematographer Eve Cohen, co-founder of Seed&Spark, who has also been using VR technology to make narrative shorts.

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