NAB 2016: Zacuto show Sony FS5 rig, updated VCT plate and super-adjustable rig handles

Steve and Jens from Zacuto talk technical editor Matt Allard through their latest releases, starting with a simple rig for the Sony FS5. By combining a top plate with a Z-finder monitor attachment it’s possible to make the most of the bundled Sony viewfinder/EVF without having to invest in a third party display. Both parts are shipping now, the Z-Finder for $595 US and the top plate for $125 US.

Zacuto’s VCT plate has been a popular addition to many camera bags, adjustable to fit almost any camera and with a very comfortable gel shoulder pad. The updated version, the VCT Pro, improves on the original by making the shoulder pad one piece rather than two, and making the camera plate removable so you don’t have to use a long handled screwdriver to attach the plate to your camera. Rear rod mounts are now clamps rather than screw-in connectors. The VCT Pro will be available in June for $725 US.

Lastly, new Trigger Grips allow you to adjust the angle of your rig handles to either suit your shooting style or reduce fatigue (or even both). These will also ship in June and start at $500 US.

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