NAB 2016: Zacuto Gratical Eye compact SDI EVF, a small spherical viewfinder

Matt Allard chats to Steve Weiss and Jens Bogehegn from Zacuto about their new Gratical Eye viewfinder. Weighing just 397g, it is Zacuto’s smallest and lightest micro-LED EVF – less than half the size of the Gratical HD – helping to reduce the front weight on the rig. This has been achieved by removing some of the connectors and the power, taking power from an external battery instead, via a standard 2-pin Lemo jack, and providing just an SD-HDI input. It still has all the professional features you would expect – Vectorscope, Waveform (3D), Histogram, LUT import/export/create, anti fog coating and disc – and uses a joystick control to control all of the settings and three programmable buttons. There’s also a proximity sensor that will make the screen go dark when you move your eye away, and eventually shut it off automatically.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 16.25.30
Zacuto Gratical Eye

The Gratical Eye is available now, priced $1,950 US.

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