NAB 2016: A closer look at the Canon ME200S-SH Multi-purpose camera – a GoPro on steroids

Rodney Charters speaks to Tim Smith of Canon about the new ME200S-SH camera. This is the little brother of the ME20, the full frame high resolution camera released last year. The ME200 uses the same sensor as the C100 camera, for Super35 sizing. It records to an external device via SDi or HDMI and can be configured a number of different ways from either studio or on-the-go use. Due to the box format it can have a very small footprint. It doesn’t have the ultra-high ISO of the ME20, but still offers a 204,800 max sensitivity, two NDs and an IR cut filter.


The ME200S-SH is currently on preorder, priced $4,999 US.

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