NAB 2016: Edelkrone Jib Plus system provides focus and subject locking for any jib system

Newsshooter’s Matt Allard speaks to Kadir from Edelkrone about the Jib Plus, a jib add-on, which works with just about any jib going – not just Edelkrone’s.

The Jib Plus includes a controller unit, sensor mdule and two-axis head


The system allows the camera to stay locked on to a given target as the jib is moved, by automatically adjusting the angle of the camera via the two-axis head. The Jib Plus can also automatically adjust the camera’s focusing by manually selecting the focus point from two camera positions.

The Jib Plus comes in three parts – a controller, sensor and head. It is optimised for DSLR and mirrorless cameras but can carry larger jib systems.

The Jib Plus is due to ship this summer, though the price is still to be confirmed.

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