Sachtler updates their popular Video 18 fluid tripod head

Sachtler has upgraded their popular Video 18 fluid tripod head. The new Video 18 S2 can now handle a greater load bearing capacity of up to 20 kg, which is 4 kg more than the current Video 18 S1. This also brings it much closer in load bearing to the larger Video 20 S1 (that can take a load up to 25 kgs), but without having the larger head size. Sachtler claims that with this improvement, the Video 18 S2 is now the only head in its class that can operate at -40 to +60 degrees centigrade without any impact on its smooth operation.

Shooting with the 18P S! at -25c in the Himalayas
Shooting with the 18P S1 at -25c in the Himalayas

The Video 18 has been the gold standard for ENG and documentary applications for many decades, and it is good to see Sachtler continue to upgrade and improve the product. I have been using Sachtler tripods for over 20 years and it is one of the few pieces of kit I never worry about. The new 18P S2 can accommodate a heavier payload of 20 kg, but still allows operators to go down to the minimum drag setting of 2 kg and use a small DSLR or compact camera.

SAC_Video18-S2_7554 (1)

Tobias Keuthen, Sachtler’s senior product marketing manager, had this to say – “The Video 18 S2 is the best of both worlds for news and documentary film crews. Every microscopic feature has been heightened for their tough, day-to-day challenges, so it doesn’t matter if it’s thrown into the back of a news truck every day or burrowed into the mud. We understand that our users work on a range of projects with different equipment, so this upgrade is meant to acclimate to light and heavy rigs without compromising the integrity and quality of the gear.”

The new tripod will be on show at NAB in Las Vegas next week and Newsshooter will be sure to check it out.

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