New Convergent Design SSDs to ship with a 10-year Warranty

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One of the biggest decisions you should be thinking about when purchasing a external recorder is what type of media it uses. I am a big proponent of using proprietary media. Yes it is often more expensive, but in most cases it’s also a lot more robust and reliable than off-the-shelf SSDs. Convergent Design offers their own proprietary SSDs as well the ability to use some Samsung SSDs. Today they announced that beginning this week, all new Convergent Design 2.5” SSDs will ship with a 10-year warranty.

Using the Odyssey 7Q+ with the Sony F3
Using the Odyssey 7Q+ with the Sony F3

The previous warranty for Convergent Design SSDs was three years, and the company is definitely standing by their reliability with this announcement. The majority of off the self SSDs usually come with a three to five year warranty. When a client is paying me I make sure that if I am recording externally I use the most robust media available. I have had instances in the past where off-the-shelf SSDs have failed and the vision was unrecoverable.


Convergent Design SSDs (certified for use with the Convergent Design Odyssey and Apollo monitor/recorders) offer a variety of qualities, detailed in the Convergent Design White Paper “Why to Trust Your Footage to Convergent Design Odyssey SSDs.” The drives have fast, consistent read and write speeds, both across the entire memory and across the lifespan of the SSDs; exceptionally long-life usability of the media; built-in power-loss protection; low power draw and robust construction.



“The level of performance and reliability of our SSDs is unmatched in the industry,” said Mike Schell, President, Convergent Design. “When we first began development of the Odyssey line, we had to go directly to the SSD manufacturers to have drives built to our specifications. There was nothing on the market that met our performance demands. These SSDs have performed remarkably well over the years, and we have found that they continue to do so well beyond what we had originally hoped. Other manufacturers have also introduced products that meet our requirements, so we can now expand how we source our SSDs and allow us to extend our warranty.”

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Convergent Design 2.5” SSDs are available in 256GB, 512GB and 1TB sizes. Prices range from $249 US to $795 US.

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