KinoGrip wooden handgrip gets Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q/7Q+ trigger option

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KinoGrip has released a trigger cable that plugs directly into the Odyssey 7Q/7Q+ RMT port and allows the user to start/stop the recorder remotely. While a lot of cameras can start/stop trigger over HDMI and SDI, it’s a good option for those using a camera (like the Sony F35) that is difficult to provide direct run/stop control to. It’s also handy if you want to bypass the in-camera recording and want to trigger the recorder only. The trigger cable has a small box that houses the control circuit and a useful tally light. Convergent Design have confirmed to me that remote control is available in all recording resolutions/codecs (as of firmware 5.10.100).


Price for the triggered KinoGrip (Grenoble or Tucson) and Odyssey 7Q trigger cable is $549 US. The handgrip retains full compatibility with all of the company’s other camera trigger cables.

The Odyssey 7Q+ on the Arri Amira
The Odyssey 7Q+ on the Arri Amira

The price for the 7Q cable by itself is $150 US, and it’s compatible with all KinoGrip and KinoTrigger products. The item is currently not a regularly stocked item and is special order only – KinoGrip are going to see what demand is like before adding it to their inventory. To purchase, you will need to send them an email at www.kinogrip.com/contact.

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