BVE 2016: Teradek Cube 600 series – the camera-top streaming box updated

Teradek’s Cube has been a popular fixture on top of a lot of cameras since it launched almost five years ago. It’s a flexible way to add h.264 streaming to cameras that don’t have it built in, whether to broadcast, to the web, or just to monitors; and now the company has brought the specs of the unit up-to-date with the Cube 600 series.

The new model offers dual HDMI and SDI connections, 802.11ac WiFi and Teradek’s clever iPhone link aggregation feature that combines the bandwidth from up to four mobile connections to provide a faster, fault tolerant uplink. There’s also now support for LUTs built into the hardware, meaning you can shoot and record a flat Log image while sending an image to preview or broadcast with a look baked in.

The Cube integrates with Teradek’s Live:Air iPad vision switching software and will accept a range of input frame rates and sizes, up to 4K (although it downconverts to HD for output).

The Cube 600 series is shipping now. Prices start at $2500 US.

For more details keeps an eye on the Teradek website.

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