Movi announce ‘Akira’ beta firmware 5.0 for M5, M10 and M15 gimbal stabilisers

Freefly have announced a new beta firmware for their Movi range of gimbal stabilisers. Called ‘Akira,’ (no, not that Akira) it contains a range of updates and will be available from 8 February.

A new timelapse mode will allow the M5, M10 and M15 rigs to be programmed via via mobile and desktop apps or the Movi controller, and used for timelapse sequences as in the video above.

A new ‘HiPer’ stabilisation algorithm is said to improve stabilisation ‘by 50%’ and enable steady shooting at longer focal lengths than before (exactly how long isn’t specified).

Also enabled in the new firmware is Target Mode, where the Movi can be set to lock the camera on a GPS position or to dynamically follow one of Freefly’s Mimic transmitters as the camera’s target – if it works this sounds like it could be really useful for factual shooters following subjects in real life situations where you can’t control elements of the production as you can on set.

And accompanying the firmware release is an update to the Movi companion apps on iOS and Android which will sport a new interface.

The firmware will be available to download on 8 February from the Freefly site – it’s labelled as a beta release though so unless you absolutely need the features it unlocks do bear in mind that as Freefly themselves put it, “using Beta software for production work is done … wholly at your own risk.”

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