KinoGrip LANC Plus brings second button to their wooden handgrip


The KinoGrip range of products is continually expanding. The latest innovation is the addition of LANC Plus cable and custom LANC button for the company’s Grenoble wooden handgrip. The combination adds a second button to the grip in addition to the camera trigger. This replicates the F4 button on popular cameras like the Canon C300, Sony FS7 and JVC LS300. Any function that can be assigned to that button can be assigned to the button on the wooden grip – the most obvious being magnification to check focus. This means you can happily use a comfortable wooden handgrip, instead of the manufacturer’s own handle attached to a grip relocator, just as long as you don’t need iris (or one of the other controls assignable) on the dial of the Sony or Canon standard handgrip.

Because the second button uses the LANC protocol sadly it won’t work on smaller cameras like the Sony a7S and GH4. Neither will it work on the ARRI Alexa or Sony F5/55. (KinoGrip do have cables that allow record triggering for all these cameras). Be sure to check compatibility before you buy. The camera has to have a standard 2.5mm LANC port and the ability to accept a LANC signal.

The LANC Plus cable and extra button can be fitted to any new Grenoble grip when ordered. It can also be retrofitted to an existing Grenoble grip if you already own one. It doesn’t appear that you can fit the extra button into the company’s Tucson grip.

The Kinotrigger attached to a rod clamp
The KinoTrigger attached to a rod clamp

The second new product is the KinoTrigger. This is a simpler trigger built into a short length of 15mm rod. It is designed to be used on rigs, tripods, jibs, gimbals, sliders or any other place where a remote start/stop trigger is needed.

There is a trigger button on one end and a 3.5mm cable port on the other. It works with Kinogrip’s standard cables which are sold separately. It can be put anywhere a 15mm rod can be mounted.

The Kinotrigger is built into a short section of 15mm rod
The KinoTrigger is built into a short section of 15mm rod

A new Grenoble handgrip with LANC Plus cable and double trigger costs $599 US.

To upgrade an existing triggered Grenoble handgrip with a secondary trigger and LANC Plus cable costs $240 US and requires the grip be sent to KinoGrip. The price does however include a full overhaul and refinishing of the grip.

The KinoTrigger without cable is priced at $100.

They are both available to order now from the KinoGrip webstore.

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