Go Creative Show 2015 Wrap Up

GCS079 2015 Roundtable

The Go Creative Show bids farewell to 2015 with a round table discussion from a panel of experts. Cinematographer Chris Loughran, colorist Rob Bessette and audio mix engineer Matt Russell discuss the trends of 2015, the influx of new cameras, how DaVinci Resolve has become the undisputed colour king, and the exciting and challenging projects they worked on throughout the year.

You can listen to the full episode above.

Topics Covered:
Good Citizen Music Video
Breaking down Rob’s color grade process
How Rob Hardy’s Instagram inspired the video
Roslindale Studios
The benefits of editing 4k
The trends in color grading
The production and post production trends of 2015
The year of Sony FS7 and A7S
How smaller and cheaper equipment is leveling the playing field
Where our panel goes for inspiration
How to spice up the corporate talking head video
Our panel’s most interesting and/or challenging projects of 2015
The highlights and lowlights of 2015

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