Zacuto Gratical EVF firmware update 3.2 adds record light for Canon C series, Sony F5/55, FS7, RED Epic and Scarlet


Zacuto today released a new firmware for their popular Gratical electronic viewfinders. Version 3.2 adds something that I’ve been wanting since the Gratical came out – a record light in the EVF that is triggered from my FS7 and several other popular cameras.

Also in this firmware update is support for USB sticks that are formatted in Mac format and also various bug fixes.

You can download the update here.

This from Zacuto:

1. Added support for Mac USB formats
2. Implemented record light for Canon C300/500 cameras, Sony F5/55, FS7, RED Epic/Scarlet via SDI only
3. Fixed a bug that was causing the Gratical to restart when a custom LUT was imported
4. Fixed a bug for 480p60 formats with the Canon 5D Mark 2
5. Fixed a bug that was causing the image to shift position
6. Fixed a bug that was causing the buttons to periodically freeze

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