Sony’s Christmas surprise – FS5 firmware version 1.1 available for download


With the Sony FS5 now being used on real productions there have been several issues which have been concerning users. Perhaps the biggest one at launch was the inability of the camera to record 4K internally at the same time as outputting an image to externally via the HDMI port. This meant there was no way to record internally and also use an external monitor or recorder at the same time. Several sources have told us that this is a limitation of the processor in the camera.

Sony moved quickly to address this issue and have today released a new version of the firmware which will allow the simultaneous use of 4K internal recording and 4K HDMI, or HD SDI output at the same time – at the expense of losing the video image on the built-in display. I believe that you will still be able to see the camera settings info on the built-in displays at all times. Alternatively, you can output 4K HDMI and use the built-in display, but lose internal recording.

fs5 fw

While it would clearly be better to have the built-in display, 4K internal recording and external output all at the same time, the new firmware release gives us two of the three so does at least make many common setups possible. Users of brushless gimbals should be a bit happier.

As a bonus, Sony have also added face detection AF in 4K shooting in the new firmware.

You can download the new firmware here.

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