RED’s new video Carrion shows off the upcoming Raven 4.5K camera’s performance

red carrion

We’ve never seen it looking so lovely as it does tonight. RED’s latest video shows off the capabilities of its upcoming Raven 4.5K camera – and its images look quite impressive. It is a shame that they’ve opted for a treasury of visual cliches, starting with the smouldering Lady In Red and proceeding to the candle-lit bath scene. At least they didn’t use Chris de Burgh for the soundtrack.

Shot by RED’s own ‘Bombsquad’ and ‘Propaganda’ teams on Zeiss Milvus lenses, it puts the camera in various lighting conditions and frame rates. The YouTube video is only 720P resolution (Edit – you can view it in 4K resolution on YouTube directly but it still suffers YouTube’s heavy compression) so its hard to tell too much as this stage. Hopefully the company will make full resolution imagery available soon.

The RED Raven
The RED Raven

The camera is slated for delivery next year and pre-orders are currently open. You can read more about the Raven in our previous articles.

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