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Interbee 2015: IDX shrinks the size of their V-lock lithium-ion batteries

IDX batteries are a common sight on the backs of news cameras and on film sets worldwide. For many years they were one of the three main battery companies that professionals would turn to for their power needs – the others being Anton Bauer and PAG.

Things have changed though and now there are many other alternatives, especially of the V-lock type. Most of these hail from China. In response we are now seeing some interesting new technologies being developed by IDX.

The new IDX Endura Duo 190HC and 95HC
The new IDX Endura Duo 190HC and 95HC

At the Interbee show in Tokyo this week they were showing prototypes of two new lithium-ion batteries that they will bring to market next year. The new Endura Duo 190HC and Duo 95HC are much smaller than previous IDX batteries of similar capacity. This has been done through the use of new battery cell technology. The new Duo 95HC in particular will interest news and documentary shooters on the move. The flight friendly 93Wh battery is nearly half the size of the existing 91Wh Duo95 – quite an achievement. The 190HC is whopping 185Wh capacity and yet almost the same size as a regular Duo95. Both batteries have two D-tap power outputs and a 5.0V USB output to power accessories.

These batteries will be great for use on many cameras and lights. Brushless gimbal users in particular should find the lighter weight a bonus. However they may not be suitable for high draw cine cameras and lights – the company has other batteries in its lineup for these purposes.

For more info keep an eye on the IDX website.

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