Interbee 2015: Aladdin launch pocket sized Eye-Lite bi-colour LED

Korean LED light manufacturer Aladdin are no stranger to avid Newsshooter followers. They were the first company to sell flexible LED panels and we gave them a ‘Best in Show’ award at IBC 2014.

The Aladdin Bi-colour Eye-Lite
The Aladdin Bi-colour Eye-Lite

Another of the company’s products are the diminutive Eye-lite LEDs. These are tiny lights designed to provide a small amount of fill light for your subjects, provided they are not far from the camera. They are also useful for lighting close-ups and are surprisingly powerful given their size. Up until now they have been available as single colour in either daylight or tungsten.

The Bi-colour Aladdin Eye-Lite
The back of the Bi-colour Aladdin Eye-Lite

At Interbee in Tokyo this week Aladdin launched a new bi-colour version called the Eye-Lite Piccolo. It can shift the colour it outputs from daylight to tungsten. It is also dimmable and has a similar brightness to the original single colour models. Aladdin claim it has a CRI of 98Ra – in other words the colour accuracy is very high indeed.

The metal casing has a 1/4 20 mounting hole
The metal casing has a 1/4 20 mounting hole

The light has a solid metal casing and an internal battery. It has a claimed life of around two hours at full power and even longer if run at lower output. One of the best things about the Eye-Lite is that it charges via USB, which means you can also power it from a USB phone battery. The new light has a 1/4 20 mounting socket which the original version did not. A small eyelet on the casing allows it to be attached to a strap or lanyard for easy carrying.

It is priced at around $115 US and should be available any time now.

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