FilmConvert now offering GH4 V-log profiles

By site editor Dan Chung:

filmconvert new

FilmConvert’s popular film emulation plugins allow users to apply the look of their favourite film stock onto video from various different cameras. Most of the current popular models like the FS7, C300, 5D, a7S and Alexa are supported. Recently they also added support for the new Sony a7R II. FilmConvert measures the colour values of different camera and profile combinations, then remaps the colours so they closely replicate popular film stock. Grain effects can also be added to make the footage look even more film like.

Today they have announced new support for the Panasonic GH4’s V-log profile. This should make working with V-Log footage easier for users with less experience of colour grading.

It is available as a free download for users who already own the software. To purchase visit the FilmConvert website.

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