Protech show Panasonic DVX200 shoulder mount adaptor for ENG style operation

By technical editor Matt Allard:


For shooters interested in the Panasonic DVX200, Protech have some up with the ST-7RP200 shoulder mount adaptor package. The system is designed to turn the DVX 200 into more of an ENG style camera with improved ergonomics. The DVX200 is a nice light weight run and gun camera, but it has been designed in the familiar Pro camcorder style that by default is not suited for putting on your shoulder.


The shoulder mount adapter features a aluminium die-cast frame that has been designed to be strong, durable, and lightweight. Protech claim it is naturally well balanced, further adding to the ergonomics and stability for shoulder mounted shooting. There are two points of contact between the camera and the shoulder mount adaptor, a anti-twist 1/4-20 screw attaches to the base of the camera and there is a second connection between the top handle of the ST-7RP200 and the top handle of the DVX200.


The system comes with a V-mount battery plate that allows the camera to be powered off a larger battery which also adding some much needed counter balance at the rear. There are dual D-Tap power outputs located on the ST-7R’s top handle for powering accessories, and also a 4-Pin XLR input for powering the camera in a studio environment. A built-in BNC junction terminal lets you easily send out multiple SDI signals. The ST-7RP200 shoulder rig is fully compatible with VCT-14 type quick release tripod plates.


The benefit of a shoulder mount system is improved hand held ergonomics when shooting, but it will come at the expense of added weight. The rig is designed so the internal EVF of the DVX200 and the servo controller on the handgrip can be utilised. I would prefer to see the Protek system used with an external EVF like the Zacuto Gratical. The result could be quite a good run-and-gun shoulder mounted solution for the DVX200 – I’m not sure this can be made to work though due to the offset design of the Protek.

The ST-7RP200 will be available at the end of October for £949.00 ex-VAT ($1454 US). This is not a cheap solution given that the DVX200 only costs $4195, but if you are looking for a shoulder mount option for your DVX200 there aren’t currently many options available. The only other complete system we have seen to date comes from Zacuto. You can see it in the video below:

Zacuto's First Look at the Panasonic DVX200 from Zacuto on Vimeo.

The Panasonic DVX200 starts shipping on the 15th October. You can find out more information from the Protech UK distributor Octico.

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