IBC 2015: Flowcine goes all Robocop with their Orasus prototype

By technical editor Matt Allard:

Flowcine were showing a sophisticated prototype of an innovative camera gimbal movement controller called Orasus, that the operater wears on their head. Using a combination of the Freefly Mimic and a SmallHD 502 monitor, when the gimbal operator moves their head in any direction, the camera moves in the same direction.


The system allows for a much more intuitive experience and lets what you see become your camera framing. The operator still retains peripheral vision so they can safely move around their surroundings.

The system incorporates the Freefly Mimic technology.
The system incorporates the Freefly Mimic technology.

Flowcine is still developing the system and will be making it into a more compact and practical solution that will include their own high-bright display. The Orasus looks like a great solution and it will be interesting to see what the finished product will look like. Flowcine are also working on a simpler display-only version that won’t incorporate the Mimic functionality.


The company were also showing a new prototype steadicam arm called the xArm, that has 83cm of boom range, 10cm more than any other arm that is currently available. It is also a kg lighter than anything else that is on the market. The xArm should be avaialble within a few months for purchase.

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