IBC 2015: BB&S Pipeline Reporter LED lighting kit

By associate editor Elliot Smith:


Reporters don’t always have the luxury of a full crew with lighting, or sometimes even a camera. If you’re having to use basic equipment like a webcam in a laptop to provide a feed for a talking head, decent lighting can make a real difference to how the picture looks at the other end.


At IBC this year Danish company Brother, Brother and Sons (BB&S) were demonstrating their Pipeline Reporter LED lighting kit, aimed at reporters or bloggers who are sat in front of a computer transmitting interviews over video chat programs like Skype.


The kit contains two remote phosphor light sticks which stand vertically either side of a computer monitor to light the user evenly. They’re dimmable and available in three different Kelvin temperatures to match ambient light. The fixtures can run from batteries or the mains, and a kit including a case and power supply is available now for €699.


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