IBC 2015: RØDE announces a new range of lightweight boom poles

By technical editor Matt Allard:

RØDE has introduced two new professional carbon fibre boompoles, to complement the company’s popular range of aluminium poles, the RØDE Boompole Pro and Micro Boompole Pro.

Weighing only 535gm (18oz), the new RØDE Boompole Pro extends to a full 3m (10’) and collapses to 810mm (2’8”). Each of the five pole sections is comprised completely from carbon fibre making it incredibly lightweight while maintaining high levels of strength. The sections are easily extendable with one hand thanks to an intuitive twist-lock mechanic. I was very impressed with the new locking mechanism which dramatically speeds up how quickly you can change the length of the boompole. There is also a way to run your audio cable up through the boom pole which was another nice feature.

Designed for use with professional shotgun microphones such as the RØDE NTG3 as well as the Blimp windshield system, the Boompole Pro joins RØDE’s boom pole range which now consists of five models ranging in size, weight, and construction material.

Alongside this RØDE has also announced the Micro Boompole Pro, a very thin version of the full-size carbon fibre model, optimised for use with the new VideoMicro microphone. Using a unique modular design, the Micro Boompole Pro’s three sections combine to a maximum length of 2.2m (7’2”). Using an industry standard 3/8” thread, these sections can also be used to extend the Boompole Pro.

The Micro Boompole Pro looks to be a great solution for solo operaters who don’t have the space to carry larger boompoles.

The Boompole Pro and Micro Boompole Pro are shipping now. The Boompole Pro is retailing for $299 US and the Micro Boompole Pro is $149US

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