IBC 2015: Konova show new slider accessories – Nitsan flywheel, Master Pan and K-Arm

By associate editor Elliot Smith:

Konova produce a range of sliders that cater for cameras of various sizes from DSLRs (the K3) through Blackmagic Cinema Cameras (K5) up to a rigged C300 or FS7 (K7). At IBC this year they have a range of accessories that fit these sliders that aim to give your footage a little more polish.

The Nitsan flywheel (named, apparently, after the Konova user who first proposed the idea) is a counterweight system that helps give your moves a nice gentle start and finish. The Master Pan adds a second axis of movement during a slide, and can be motorised for autonomous motion during, say, an interview. And the Konova K-Arm is a support brace for any slider rail with ¼” threads that allows a stable attachment to a single tripod.

The Nitsan flywheel is priced at £180, the Master Pan at £205 and the K-Arm at £74.

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