BIRTV 2015: Tilta WLC-T02 single channel wireless follow focus

By Max Duncan and site editor Dan Chung:

Last year Tilta’s three channel remote focus, iris and zoom control system received considerable interest in the run up the the IBC show in Amsterdam. Even though it costs thousands of dollars, it is still much cheaper than comparable systems from established western companies. These are high end pieces of kit and more likely to be used on dramas and features than low budget documentaries.

The Tilta WLC-T02 controller
The Tilta WLC-T02 controller

This year Tilta are bringing to market a single channel version of their system at a price of $3000 US. This places the WLC-T02 within the reach of well off brushless gimbal users and owner operators. It certainly won’t look out of place on your shiny new Alexa MINI or Red Weapon.

The controller has a solid metal body and there is a nicely sculpted wooden handgrip. If you want to upgrade to the three channel model in the future then this is possible.

For more from Tilta you can visit their website.

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