Frame.io version 1.1 and FCPX Companion App updates

By technical editor Matt Allard:

Frame.io is now a widely used media collaboration platform and the company claim to have gained more than 50,000 members in just six months. Version 1.1 has just been released and adds more than 100 new features and improvements. The Final Cut Pro Companion app has also been updated. Key features of the web app version 1.1 are:

• New Private Team Files & Folders – Hallelujah. You can now set files and folders to be invisible from collaborators.
• New Collaborator Permissions – You can now restrict collaborators from downloading, sharing, or inviting other collaborators.
• New Project Sharing – When project sharing is turned on, anyone with the link can join. It’s a great way to invite large groups of collaborators without having to invite them individually.
• New Real Time Upload Status – Now all participants of a project can see upload progress in real time which can eliminate lots of confusion.
• Expanded keyboard shortcuts – You can now use the arrow keys to navigate through thumbnails, Spacebar to Quicklook, Esc to exit, Enter key to enter the player, and Esc key again to exit the player.

The Final Cut Pro Companion app 1.1 gain the following:

• Added support for queuing.
• Drag and Drop upload from the desktop.
• Acts as standalone uploader with or without FCP-X.
• Custom export locations allow access to rendered FCPX Media.
• Convert FCPX markers into timestamped Frame.io comments.
• Added options to choose marker types when exporting only clips with markers.
• New reduced bandwidth option.

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