RED Weapon gets Internal ProRes Recording

By technical editor Matt Allard:


RED have just announced firmware build V6.1.6 for the RED Weapon that enables ProRes recording options, Rec.709 and Rec2020 colour spaces and 3D LUT and multi look support. Internal ProRes recording is a big step forwards for RED and is sure to make the Weapon a more appealing prospects for shooters who require high quality, compressed files for fast turn around. It also offers a more customisable post workflow, with the ability to view ProRes dallies instantly.

This comes just as the first Weapons have started to ship. The 6K CF (carbon fiber) cameras will be going out first, with the 6K Magnesium versions to follow later this year. There is still no indication of when the 8k Vista Vision Weapon will be available. According to RED the 6K Magnesium version has slightly lower ProRes specs and can’t be upgraded to the 8K camera directly.

If you own a RED Weapon you will be able to record ProRes in the following flavours:
* Apple ProRes 4444 (HD)
* Apple ProRes 4444 XQ (HD)
* Apple ProRes 422 (HD,UHD)
* Apple ProRes 422 HQ (HD, UHD)
* Apple ProRes 422 LT (HD, UHD)


There is also the ability to simultaneously record R3D files and ProRes to RED MINI-MAGs. Currently their is no 4K SDI or HDMI output available for the weapon. There is also a new sensor auto calibration function.

WEAPON BRAINs are also equipped to support 1D and 3D LUTs and the new firmware now allows you to record in both Rec.709 and the new Rec.2020 colour spaces. LUT options and other features vary between magnesium and carbon fiber models.

Unfortunately this new firmware is only available for Weapon owners and will not work on the RED Dragon. You can download the firmware here. NOTE: Upgrading your camera deletes all in-camera user-generated Preset, Look, and Custom Overlay files.

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