Movcam show cage and accessories for ARRI Alexa Mini

By site editor Dan Chung:

A pre-production version of the new Movcam cage for the Alexa MINI
A pre-production version of the new Movcam cage for the Alexa MINI

As the ARRI Alexa Mini begins to make its way onto productions many manufacturers have rushed to make solutions for the camera. We previously reported on those from Tilta and Wooden Camera. Now Movcam have now made their competing rig, previously only seen as 3D animations.

Like the other two designs it consists of a cage that wraps around the camera. There are plenty of holes to mount accessories on the cage sides. ARRI-style rosettes on the sides allow for the mounting of handgrips and other accessories. The cage provides rod mounting on the top and bottom of the camera as well a top handle that can slide backwards and forwards for better balance while carrying. A sliding EVF mount attaches to the top rods.

The baseplate is a quick release design similar to other recent Movcam rigs. The baseplate slides onto to Movcam’s tripod plate. The bottom rods and baseplate can be detached from the rest of the cage if you want to go to a quickly to a lighter camera package, or for easier storage.

The most interesting parts of the design are the ability to quickly mount the battery plate on the rear, or on either side of the camera. This could be really useful if you want to quickly go from a small gimbal setup to a larger handheld rig.

Alexa Mini Movcam 2

There is also a new design power and signal distribution box which can be used instead of the standard battery plate.

The Movcam is already being tested by well known DOPs and should be on sale soon.

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