Shred Video: From hours of action footage to a final edit in seconds

By technical editor Matt Allard:

A new OSX application called Shred Video claims to be the fastest way to make great movies from your camera footage. It’s designed for anybody shooting movement-based content and looks like a great app for GoPro users, who often end up with hours of footage that they then have to try and condense down.


Shred Video uses artificial intelligence to do the hard work of video editing so you don’t have to. All you need to do is choose your videos or photos and a song from your iTunes library, and Shred Video will assemble it all into a final cut in seconds. The application takes into account the acceleration and movement of the camera footage, it can then pin-point the moments of action for snowboarders, skaters, surfers, and other motion-based activity, to highlight the best clips in your footage. Unfortunately as the software within the app uses acceleration and movement to choose the footage, Shred Video won’t be able to create video from static camera shots.


Shred Video uses their own software to not only detect these different pieces of footage, but it can then cleverly match them with the music you choose. The company has managed to steer clear of any licensing issues with music artists as the application doesn’t actually provide any music of its own. It is up to the user to use their own music from iTunes: you should be aware of potential licensing issues if you plan to use the app for commercial purposes.


Shred Video could very well be used by news and media organisations to promote or accompany stories on social media platforms. For this to work there needs to be movement within the frame, so it would only be suitable for certain events.

Here are the steps according to the Shred Video:

Import any amount of videos and photos from any source: your GoPro, iPhoto library, memory card, or hard drive. Shred Video will analyze your videos to find your best action moments, and make sure everything is properly edited into the final cut.

Drag & drop any song from iTunes. Shred Video will remix the song so your movie has maximum emotional impact and watchability.

Click the ‘SHRED’ button to get a professional quality final cut in seconds.

Want new video edits? A different song remix? You can easily edit your video clips to make sure your favorite moments make the final cut. You can choose from several remixes of your selected song to get exactly the sound you want. With Shred Video’s artificial intelligence delivering instant playback, you’ll get the right movie, with the right music, in no time.

You only pay for Shred Video if you love the movies we help you produce. Buying your movies allows you save them forever, to store and share on whatever platforms you choose. There are three payment methods:
– 1 Movie, with watermark buys your movie w/ small watermark in the right hand corner.
– 1 Movie, NO watermark buys your movie with the watermark removed, so it looks like your own original production.
– Unlimited movies, NO watermark gives you lifetime unlimited movies! Buy this once, and you’ll never need to purchase movies again.

You can download the app for free here. In app purchases unlock the features.

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