Now you see it! A magical interruption to a Sky News broadcast (UPDATE: It’s all an illusion)

By site editor Dan Chung:


The Sky News PR team have Tweeted to say this didn’t actually go out during a news report:

Metro have the full story here.

Ah well…

Any news cameraman doing a live cross knows that someone may well pop up in the background to seek their fifteen seconds of fame. The problem comes when they turn out to be more fascinating to viewers than what’s going on in the foreground. Whoever was shooting this Sky News stand-up in Westminster this week must have grimaced when two guys rolled into shot this week. Still, they may have cheered up as the act unfolded. Instead of the usual idiots seizing the opportunity to turn for their mums and dads, this was a preplanned, cheeky (and successful) attempt by magicians Young & Strange to generate some publicity for their act. You can see more of their attempts to get on air, and some behind the scenes footage of their Sky News prank in the video below:

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