“EYLENDA”- A stunning 4K film captured on the Arri Amira and Canon 5D Mark III

By technical editor Matt Allard:

Florian Nick and Marcus Sies, two filmmakers studying Audiovisual Media at Germany’s Stuttgart Media University, spent 14 days in Iceland, in a region with volcanic activity , geysers and hot springs. During their stay they captured this incredible video. According to the filmmakers, their desire was to capture the stunning landscape and wildlife and to take you on a journey through this magical island.

Screen grab from "EYLENDA"
Screen grab from “EYLENDA”

Florian and Marcus used the Canon 5D Mk III, to film all the timelapses in raw, and the Arri Amira for slow-speed and normal footage. The Amira footage was captured in UHD ProRes 4444.

If you have a 4K capable monitor or television make sure you set the resolution on the video to 2160P.

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