Cinegear 2015: Kessler Crane Shuttle Dolly

By associate editor Elliot Smith, video by Adam Plowden:

A quick update from Kessler Crane on their Shuttle Dolly, a slider/dolly carriage that’s compatible with standard speed rail and can be controlled manually or via Kessler’s electronic systems (either Second Shooter or CineDrive).

Kessler are well known for their single-shooter friendly slider systems and this looks like a step up in terms of size of carriage for anyone who has used their products in the past. They’re just ironing out the last few kinks before heading to production in a couple of months’ time. The system will start at $1200 for the dolly carriage and clamps.

There isn’t too much detail on the Kessler Crane website at the moment, but keep an eye out for more news in a few months.

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