Divergent Media’s EditReady transcoding software updated to v1.3

By associate editor Elliot Smith:

Divergent Media's EditReady software, now updated to v1.3
Divergent Media’s EditReady software, now updated to v1.3

Divergent Media have announced an update to their transcoding tool Editready that includes a list of major changes, bringing the software to version 1.3. As well as improvements to the program’s interface and stability, Divergent have also included features, like frame resizing, in direct response to customer feedback.

The software encodes from rushes to edit-friendly formats like ProRes and Avid’s DNxHD, and also makes use of Intel’s Quicksync hardware acceleration to speed up H.264 encoding. Although H.264 isn’t a great format for editing, it is a very lightweight viewing format and one use of EditReady is to to batch generate dailies with a LUT applied. And anyone who’s spent quality time looking at blue progress bars will appreciate an attempt to speed up the transcoding process.

It’s a free update for existing owners of EditReady and there’s also a trial version available.

Those changes in full, from the Divergent Media blog:

‘Additional Batch Options’ setting, allowing for frame size adjustment, h.264 settings, as well as LUT and framerate controls.
Support for LUTs and scaling on older Macs
Improved accuracy for AVCHD timecode
Improved support for 1080p30 video on Mac Pros running Yosemite
More robust support for 1D LUTs
Fix for spanning with HDV media captured on Firestore DDRs
Increased stability
Enhanced command line interface
Better naming when using the “auto increment” setting
Support for passthrough with h.265 media (passthrough movs will only play in players with HEVC codec support)
Better performance when using EditReady on Mac OS X 10.8
Better support for Macs with Radeon 4850 graphics cards
Lower memory utilization
Simplified interface

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