CineGear 2015: SLR Magic’s Rangefinder and full frame anamorphic lens prototype

By associate editor Elliot Smith, video by Adam Plowden:

SLR Magic are at Cinegear this year with their new Rangefinder product. This attaches to any standard lens and anamorphic adapter combo, giving it a cine-style focus adjustment. Crucially this means that you don’t have to adjust both the lens and the anamorphic adapter to focus – you can just use the Rangefinder. Panasonic are showing the product in conjunction with the new anamorphic mode on their GH4 camera – the two together make anamorphic shooting much more affordable and easier to achieve, especially if you’re attempting focus pulls.

SLR Magic are also developing their own full frame anamorphic lens – here it’s shown in a PL-mount on a RED but with the aid of an adapter it’s also fitted to a Canon 5D Mark III. And in conjunction with the Atomos Shogun’s new ability to desqueeze anamorphic footage, it’s also possible to monitor the picture more accurately than through the distorted image on the back of the camera.

Looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of wide, skinny pictures in 2015…

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