Sony releases firmware version 6 for F5 and F55 cameras

By associate editor Elliot Smith:

The Sony F5 and F55
The Sony F5 and F55 cameras, now with firmware updated to v6

Sony have released new firmware for their high-end F5 and F55 cameras, bringing them to version 6.

There are several bug fixes and improvements, with the headline change being the ability to record ProRes 4444 in-camera (for owners who have already paid Sony to upgrade their cameras to record ProRes at all).

Users on the Sony forum don’t seem that impressed – and indeed this release doesn’t fix long-standing niggles like not being able to manually white balance in any of the Slog modes; there’s also still no way of having the 2K centre crop assigned to a programmable button.

Still it’s probably a good idea to keep your camera up to date, and if you do want to download the latest F5/F55 firmware it’s available from Sony via Dropbox here.

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