NAB 2015: Came-TV K-Simple brushless gimbal

By technical editor Matt Allard:

Clinton Harn catches up with Frank from Came-TV to look at the Chinese company’s new K-Simple brushless gimbal.

The K-Simple is completely tool-less and designed to be set up quickly with a minimal amount of adjustment. It is made out of carbon fibre and is extremely light making it suitable for smaller cameras such as the Canon 5D mkIII, Sony a7S and Panasonic GH4.

The K-Simple is not yet available to purchase, but Came said at NAB that it will retail for $1580 US, which includes free worldwide shipping. That price includes a case, stand, batteries, charger and everything you need to be up and shooting.

The K-Simple will have a lot of competition as prices in the brushless gimbal market continue to fall. DJI’s recently announced $1399 Ronin-M seems likely to redefine the sub-$2000 brushless gimbal market. I suspect this will drive down the cost of competing gimbals in the near future.

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