NAB 2015: Rodney Charters ASC looks at the Brightcast flexible LED light that costs just $199 US

By technical editor Matt Allard:

A number of companies at NAB were showing flexible LED lighting solutions, including Brightcast. Rodney Charters ASC caught up with Chinese company to take a look at their latest offering. The Variable 15 is just 3mm (0.11″) thick at its thinnest point making it very light weight and flexible. Like other flexible LED lights on the market, the Variable 15 can be bent or rolled into any shape allowing it to be used in a variety of lighting situations.

The Variable 15 can dim from 0-100%, is Water Proof IP67, has a claimed output of 2340LUX @ 50cm and according to Brightcast a CRI of greater than 93. The unit can also be battery or mains powered. The company’s unique battery solution looks quite smart and is incorporated into a handle that someone can either hold, or place on a lighting stand. It uses a Sony BP-U60 or compatible battery and the dimmer control is also located conveniently on the handle.

The battery and dimmer control are located on the handle.
The battery and dimmer control are located on the handle.

For mounting options the Variable 15 can be attached using velcro that is located on the back of the light to velcro strips that you can stick on any surface. You can also use the handle that features the battery and built in dimmer to mount it on a light stand. It is also possible to link multiple units together to create a larger lighting source.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 8.42.46 AM

There will be three versions available: 5600k, 3200k and a bi-colour unit. Brightcast say the Variable 15 (5600k or 3200k versions) will sell for $199 US and the bi-colour for $299 US. For more information head over the the Brightest website for more information.

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