NAB 2015 live show replay: How do you survive as a freelancer? A Newsshooter panel discussion

By site editor Dan Chung:

On the Teradek live show at NAB last week, I caught up with fellow shooters Elliot Smith, Simon Glass, Slavik Boyechko and Matt Allard to discuss the challenges of working behind the camera today.

As well as being on Newsshooter crew each panelist is now working as freelance, having previously been staff at a major news organisation. Matt was formerly at the Aljazeera English news network, Simon began his career at Reuters, Smith worked on video at the Guardian website, and Boyechko was staff and is now freelance at PBS.

We discuss what it takes to survive as a freelancer and how each panel member is making a living in an ever more crowded market. All the panel members come from a news and documentary background and we discuss how those skills can help when doing corporate work. It seems that a lot of companies are now looking for a more documentary style feel to their projects, as opposed to the traditional corporate style that we are all familiar with.

Our panel also talks about the advantages of being flexible and how the changes in technology are impacting the industry.

Below is the work of some of the panel:

Matt Allard –

Simon Glass –

Slavik Boyechko –

Introduction to Video Dads from Video Dads on Vimeo.

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