NAB 2015: Wooden Camera Arri Alexa Mini and RED Weapon rigs, plus new Universal matte box

By technical editor Matt Allard:

Wooden Camera was showing its new support rigs for the ARRI Alexa Mini and new RED Weapon cinema camera at NAB last week. Both rigs are at the prototype stage but we were told they are very close to the final design that will ship. The Arri Alexa Mini rig will be comprised of a cage with lots of 1/4 20 and 3/8 mounting holes for accessories and Arri rosettes on the sides. There will be a quick release system that allows you to quickly separate your camera from your rods and a sliding ARRI style dovetail plate for rapid attachment to a tripod.


The RED Weapon rig will feature a similar top plate that allows space for the camera’s fan to operate correctly. There are also pass-through holes for the new electrical connectors that go from the body of the camera to the RED monitor, and a new riser plate as the Weapon is slightly shorter in length than the current Epic.


The company also showed us its new UMB-1 universal matte box, which has two rotating filter stages that can accommodate either 5.65×4.5 or 4×4 filters. Also included are a top french flag and a cloth lens donut. The matte box can either attach to 15mm rods or be clamped onto a lens. An optional 19mm rod mount is also available. The UMB-1 will cost $995 US.


For more info keep an lookout on the Wooden Camera website.

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