NAB 2015: Camdolly 5-in-1 cinema system on Kickstarter

By newsshooter contributor Rick Macomber:

“You can even be dead drunk when you lay down the rail if you want”, claims Bohus. He’s promoting his latest project – the Camdolly. A 5-in-1 modular dolly system that transforms between five different modes: ride-on track dolly, ride-on doorway dolly, heavy-duty slider, tabletop dolly, and a 360 degree orbit dolly. The ride-on dolly runs on 50 ft long heavy duty flexible rubber tracks, and thanks to the compensating legs they don’t have to be exactly parallel when laid – which explains Bohus’ claim.


The Camdolly is not a lightweight system; it is designed to take heavyweight cameras and meet the needs of larger productions. That said, it packs down into three cases for travel, the heaviest of which is 50 pounds. Bohus says it can be assembled and disassembled in minutes.


Early bird Kickstarter backers were able to get the Camdolly for $3350, but these are now all gone. Currently the setup is $3850 on Kickstarter.


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