NAB 2015: PAG show super lightweight, slim 90Wh battery with ARRI MINI and gimbal operators in mind

By newsshooter contributor Clinton Harn:

British battery maker PAG are well know for their compact line of PAGlink batteries. At NAB they were exhibiting a new super lightweight battery that can happily power cameras such as the new ARRI mini.

The L90 slim weighs just 500g and yet is rated at 6.1Ah, making it suitable for cameras, lights and other devices which require a light weight power source, as well as a higher current draw. The battery has a 90Wh capacity that keeps it under the 100Wh limit that some airlines and aviation authorities impose when flying.

The PAG L90 slim running the ARRI Mini
The PAG L90 slim running the ARRI Mini

The battery will have a display that shows time and capacity but does not currently support the PAGlink stacking system. PAG say they may consider making a stacking version in the future.

The L90 slim should be available in a couple of months, around the time that the ARRI MINI ships.

For more details keep an eye on https://www.paguk.com/

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