NAB 2015: Travelling light? Cineroid shows v-plate battery adapter that uses four Sony NP-F batteries + new super bright LED panel

Guest post by China editor CY Xu:

At NAB Korean company Cineroid were showing a gadget that is going to be of interest to many traveling news shooters. Their new multi-functional battery plate uses four Sony NP-F type batteries as an alternative way to power V-lock cameras and lights. This could potentially help many news and documentary shooters who face problems flying with traditional V-lock batteries – with some airlines and governments now restricting the number of brick batteries and the capacities that can be carried. Smaller NP-F batteries normally get through security checks with fewer problems.

The adapter also has a D-tap and USB output. It can charge attached NP-F batteries on a regular V-lock charger directly via an AC adapter overnight. The innovative design also has two 1/4 20 holes on the plate providing more mounting options if you want to attach it to a rig or stand.

The company also updated their LED light lineup with a bigger and stronger panel. The new light is bi-colour and features 30 steps of brightness adjustment. Cineroid claims the Colour rendering Index (CRI) varies from 92 to 95 depending on the colour temperate chosen. They also provide multiple power solutions and mounting options for AC, V-mount and Anton Bauer type batteries.

The battery plate will be available next month at $249, and the LED panel is priced around $1,300, also available next month.

Cineroid hasn’t yet released full details of these new products, but keep an eye on their website for more information if you are interested.

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