NAB 2015: A combination dolly and equipment cart from Matthews

By contributing editor Chuck Fadely

Veteran documentary DP Bill Kerrigan, who is based in Montreal, needed to lighten his load when working with his single assistant.  Carrying multiple cartloads of different-height stands for a variety of sliders was frustrating him.  So he invented the KerriKart – a combination equipment cart and dolly / slider. In the video above, Bill tells us all the things he uses his cart for.

Matthews Studio Equipment is putting it into production and they were showing it off at NAB 2015.  The cart has four pneumatic wheels, telescoping light stands at each corner, and a heavy-duty dolly track that can support the heaviest of cameras. You can put up a monitor and even lighting and just move from one shot to the next by rolling your whole setup.

The price hasn’t been set as they’re still working on the final version, and it can be built up with a variety of standard Matthews grip gear.  Kerrigan says it breaks down in five minutes and fits in his minivan.

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