NAB 2015: Three-axis motion control from ifootage

By contributing editor Chuck Fadely:

Hong Kong based ifootage is showing a three-axis motion control system they say will be available in June.

It attaches to the Shark S1, an exceptionally smooth and well-built carbon fibre slider. They are already shipping the S1A1 motorized version, which does both slider moves and time-lapse.

Now they are adding the S1A2 two-axis motorized head, which gives 360-degree programmable movement. It uses a remote control that makes setting up an interview situation easy, with the camera remaining centered on the subject as it slides. Complex three-axis movements, including shoot-move time-lapse are also possible.

The head can also be used independently on jibs or PTZ remote mounts.

The whole three-axis setup with slider, motor, and 2-axis head will be around $4,000 USD. The two-axis head alone is $2,000. There are three parts – the slider, the slider motor, and the two-axis head. The slider with extension rails is around $700 and the S1A1 wireless motion control slider motor is around $1500, including V-mount brick battery. Their gear can be purchased on the ifootage Amazon store.

The slider is 31 inches (790mm) overall and can be extended multiple times with 23 inch (580mm) screw-in rails, with joints you can’t feel. It has nice touches like adjustable feet and built-in sockets to mount the slider to C-stands as well as tripod mounts. It is built like a fine Swiss watch and includes a nice case.

ifootage 3-axis motion control
ifootage 3-axis motion control
ifootage slider
ifootage slider

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