NAB 2015: Tilta Tiltamax wireless follow focus and FIZ controller

It’s been announced for a while now but Tilta are about to release their Tiltamax wireless follow focus kit. It has three channels of wireless control for zoom, iris and focus and the modular control unit features a touchscreen to set markers and enter lens information.

[vimeo 125066139 w=640&h=360]


The unit integrates with Cinetape to help the user create hard and soft focus markers; once set the unit won’t go beyond the programmed range, making it easier to keep sharp focus even on moving targets. The handset vibrates to make it obvious when you hit a stop.

There’s also an autofocus mode that can track automatically, effectively adding AF to manual-only cine lenses.

The Tiltamax should be available next month for around $5,000

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