NAB 2015: Freefly Mimic- copies the user’s movements and translates them into camera motion

By Newsshooter.com contributor Elliot Smith

Newsshooter NAB 2015: Freefly MIMIC- Copies The User’s Movements And Translates Them Into Camera Motion from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

Freefly’s Movi was one of the first products to introduce gimbals to a non-specialist audience. Although using one to ‘fly’ a camera can produce impressive results, setting up and controlling any gimbal system still requires a steep learning curve and a second operator to get the best results.

Freefly’s Mimic attempts to make controlling camera movement much simpler and more intuitive for that second operator. When used in conjunction with a Movi, there’s no need to use a controller or joystick – the Mimic actually copies the user’s movements and translates them into camera motion, via the Movi, in a way that’s much more straightforward to control.

Priced at $495 and available at the end of the month, this looks like it could be a very tempting purchase for existing Movi owners.

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