NAB 2015: DJI challange remote follow focus makers with prototype wireless controller and motor

By site editor Dan Chung:

As the finishing touches were being put to exhibits in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Newsshooter’s newest team member Rodney Charters ASC got a preview of a prototype version of DJI’s new remote follow focus system.

The product is still in prototype stage, but it signals a clear intent by DJI to take on established makers outside of the drone and gimbal field.

The new DJI remote focus controller
The new DJI remote focus controller

The unit currently offers a single channel of control over 2.4Ghz radio, with the possibility of daisychaining extra channels together. It is also compatible with DJI’s gimbals, although it’s also possible to use it separately as a control for iris, focus or zoom on cine lenses with appropriate gearing. Each lens servo draws power from a P-tap connector.

The focus knob seems well made an quite smooth.

DJI have their own focus motors for the unit
DJI have their own focus motors for the unit

The control unit has four presets, calibrates automatically and has a user-replaceable battery. No word was given on pricing or availability, but do expect these to be highly competitive like other DJI products

This year the Newsshooter team is very excited to have acclaimed cinematographer Rodney Charters ASC on our crew for coverage of this year’s NAB video trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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