SHAPE Sony FS7 Remote Extension Handle And Rig solutions

By technical editor Matt Allard:

Shape look to have come up with a great solution for re positioning and re mounting the Sony FS7 SmartGrip. Compatible with ARRI rosettes, it’s designed using push button technology. Shape claims that this will make sure your handle will stay in place and you only need to turn one screw to extend the handle. The handle is made of CNC aluminum machined for durability.

The Sony FS7 SmartGrip is a great feature on the camera, but using the extension arm is fiddly and you get the feeling that the design was almost an after thought. While I haven’t had a chance to try the Shape solution, it certainly does look like a well thought out alternative to the standard Sony version.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 10.55.16 PM

The extension handle can be repositioned out of the way when not in use
The extension handle can be repositioned out of the way when not in use

The Sony FS7 remote extension handle is available for $259CAD or as part of a Sony FS7 Lightweight Bundle Rig for $699CAD or a more complete Sony FS7 Bundle Rig for $1399CAD

The Lightweight Bundle Rig
The Lightweight Bundle Rig

The Sony FS7 Lightweight Bundle Rig includes:

Lightweight Plate
CNC machined aluminum lightweight plate
Designed to marry the SONY FS7 shoulder pad SHAPE
Includes ARRI rosettes on each side to fit our HAND12 & Sony FS7’s right handle
Includes a pair of 15mm 8 inch rods
Ratchet key knob to secure the rods
Includes a bottom door to access the attaching screws
Includes a delta plate to attach on PANASONIC quick release plate SHAN TM-700, SONY VCT14. The delta plate is also removable, and threaded holes are available for tripod plate attachment.

Top Plate
CNC machined aluminum top plate
Designed to be installed around the SONY FS7 top handle
Includes 1/4-20 & 3/8-16 threaded holes for accessory attachment

Remote Extension Handle
CNC machined aluminum handle, compatible with Sony FS7 remote handle
Easy and fast length adjustment with only one knob screw
Unique patented SHAPE QUICK HANDLE Push button technology
Compatible with all standard ARRI rosettes
Offers the operator telescopic and 360 degree rotation positioning

The Shape Sony FS7 Bundle Rig
The Shape Sony FS7 Bundle Rig

The Sony FS7 Bundle Rig includes:

Single telescopic SHAPE handle ARRI rosette
ARRI Rosettes compatible with the Sony FS7 handle
Offers a balanced solution directly on the shoulder
2 levels of height adjustments for the front rods
A pair of 15mm 8 inch and 15mm 4 inch silver rods
Get comfortable, reajust your Telescopic handle on your chest
Can easily be combined with our practical Telescopic support arm with rod bloc and Belt.

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