Lenzhound – A wireless follow focus system for everyone starting at $395

By technical editor Matt Allard:

Cine-Standard Kit
Cine-Standard Kit

Motion Dogs have come up with the Lenzhound wireless lens motor system. While the majority of wireless follow focus systems on the market have been out of reach for a lot of shooters the Lenzhound is a very affordable entry level system aimed at the DSLR and indie markets.

The DB-1 motor unit
The DB-1 motor unit

The Lenzhound is available for purchase online with the Base Kit starting at $395 and the Cine- Standard at $565. The Deluxe Combo Kit is $755. Various combo kits and accessories (belts, bakeries, cases, etc.) are also available for sale. Pre- ordered units will ship in 2-4 weeks with shipping of the earliest units scheduled to begin January 16th.

The Deluxe Combo Kit
The Deluxe Combo Kit

How the Lenzhound actually performs given its low price point remains to be seen. For shooters with a limited budget it does appear to offer excellent value for money. I have not personally seen or used the Lenzhound system so my advice would be to wait for some independent reviews to come out before purchasing.

This from Motiondogs:

The Lenzhound is a flexible, wireless and user-friendly method of extending lens control to an assistant camera operator or “focus puller” enabling professional, cinematic filmmaking. The Lenzhound system is clean, simple and inexpensive, consisting of the handheld remote transmiter unit (RTX-1) and the motor/receiver unit (DB-1) which attaches to the user’s camera rig. The DB-1 lens motor is targeted towards DSLR and video cameras employing lenses with manual operation rings, but is applicable for cinema-style lenses with the optional Cine-Standard gear attachment. The system features open source, Arduino compatible firmware which enables the user to program a powerful array of custom senngs for other, improvised camera-movement set-ups.

The RTX-1 controller
The RTX-1 controller

According to Motion Dogs president, David Thayer: “One hurdle in the wireless remote follow-focus arena, is that the FCC requires a certification process for wireless radio devices. We have navigated that challenge and our wireless device is not only FCC-certified, but also competitive cost-wise, even with cabled and manual follow focus systems. We are also very excited to enter the unmanned aerial system (UAS) or “drone” market.”


Single-axis control system
Large, industry-style, primary focus knob
4 Preset Buttons to set and recall positions
Compact design measuring roughly 3 X 6 inches
White distance marking disk for grease pencil or china marker (no dry-erase)
Uses four AAA batteries
Mini-USB port for firmware upgrades and custom “Z-mode” programming beyond basic follow focus operation
81 discrete channels in the 2.4GHz ISM band


Works with industry standard 15mm iris rod systems
Lightweight; just under 11 ounces (~310 grams)
Operates on 12v DC
Mini-USB port for firmware uploads


RTX-1 Single Axis Controller Unit

DB-1 Receiver Motor Unit

Pulley & Drive Belt (specify size)

Latex Lens Band

MiniUSB Cable

Grease Pencil

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